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Part 2 – Chapter 9

It was difficult to tell who was the most shocked. Lucy herself had no idea that she was going to say that and Dan just looked overwhelmed. Both Emily and Becky knew that Lucy had spoken again, but hadn’t been able to catch what she had said. The look in her eyes though, and the shock on Daniels face gave them a pretty good idea.  

As Dan took in what he had just heard, he tried to reply but the words caught in his throat, and he didn’t trust himself to speak without breaking down again. Instead, he signified his feelings with the gentlest of kisses which just barely brushed Lucy’s lips, Now the onlooking pair really were agog, stating mouths agape at the scene they were witnessing. 

It was Becky who managed to speak first, breaking the pregnant silence which had engulfed them. “Well then, would you two lovebirds like to get a room, or shall we sit and chat? It looks like we maybe have a little more to discuss than we first thought, eh?” 

That broke the ice, and they all chuckled. Dan found his voice, and without letting go of Lucy’s hand which he had grasped firmly as they embraced, he spoke slowly and meaningfully. “I completely understand if any of you want me to go. But, if you’ll let me stay, and if we can find a way of making it work, I really think I’d like to.” 

Recovering a little from the shock, not of Daniel’s very private revelation but of what she’d just seen take place between her friend and cousin, Emily eventually managed to speak. And when she did, she began by berating Dan gently. 

“Honestly Daniel, are you really telling me that you’ve avoided sleeping over all of these years over something as daft as that? You think any of us are going to care if you wet the bed? Jeez, mountain out of a molehill or what, don’t you agree girls?” 

Becky and Lucy both nodded their agreement, and Lucy squeezed Dan’s hand reassuringly, smiling over at him. “She’s right you know. It really doesn’t matter. Come on now, tell us about it, and we’ll work out a plan to help you so the others don’t have to know.” 

And with that, Daniel found he had the confidence to explain to the 3 girls about his little nighttime problem. In truth, it was becoming much less of a problem as time went by, and the chances are he wouldn’t have an accident and there would be nothing to worry about. The last time he’d been to a sleepover though, when he was 7, he’d completely drenched his friends bed, and had been so very embarrassed. Since then, he’d always avoided sleeping away from home wherever possible, fearful that it would happen again. Explaining about the sleeping bag and air bed, Dan also blushed as he told them about his identical PJ’s, and asked for their help in hiding it should anything happen. He knew that he could just pack his sleeping bag away if it was wet, and it could be washed later. And the spare nightwear meant he could easily swap if needed, but he may need one or more of the girls to cover with him if the others were awake. 

They all of course agreed, unquestioningly, and reassured Dan that they would be there for him no matter what. To help set his mind at ease, Becky even recounted the tale of her accident at Zoe’s sleepover a couple of years previously, and how she’d had to leave early to stop the rest of the girls from finding out. Whilst she was telling her story, Lucy had zoned out a little, and was gazing across at Dan, trying to understand her feelings and to get her head around what they had shared a few moments earlier. They were, after all, only 11 years old and neither had thought about love or boyfriends and girlfriends, but she knew in her heart that she’d meant what she’d said, and the gentleness of his kiss told her that he felt the same. 

She’d have happily sat there going over these same thoughts for the remainder of the day, but was soon jolted from them by something she thought she’d heard Becks say. But no, she couldn’t have…  

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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