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Part 3 – Chapter 1

“Oh, um, hi.” Lucy was uncharacteristically shy and coy as she took the sight before her. Despite the 2 year age difference, Ellie was not much taller than she was, which explained her being able to borrow clothes the previous day, but she exuded a certain presence which made Lucy feel a little intimidated at first, although the welcoming smile broke through this.

“Hiya Lucy, I’m Ellie! Wow, what was all that kerfuffle about? I heard the doorbell, then there was this loud scream and lots of rushing about. Where’d everybody else go?” Ellie clearly didn’t share any of Lucy’s apprehension, her words almost tripping over themselves in her excitement, and her bubbly personality coming to the fore. She did a pretty good line in ‘moody teenager’, especially for her Dad’s benefit, but when around her friends and others of her own age her personality really shone through, and although they had literally only just met, Ellie already considered Lucy to be a friend.

Lucy stifled a giggle at the older girls forwardness and confidence. “Hey, yeah I kinda figured you must be, unless you’ve like got another sister you didn’t tell me about or something, haha. Sorry about that scream, that was my little brother Jack…”

“Oh no, is Jack ok?!”

“Ah yeah, I’d forgotten that you’ve met him, haven’t you. In fact, he’s kind of the reason we’re meeting now. He, um, well, he’s just had a bit of an accident out on your porch I’m afraid, and was quite upset by it, as you heard.”

“Bless, poor Jack.  Still, glad he wasn’t hurt or anything like that.”

“Yeah, that’s true. He’s kind of old to be wetting his pants though, so I don’t think Mum was very happy with him. She wanted to make a good impression, you know, for your Dad. And a soggy schoolboy making a mess of his porch is hardly the look I think she was going for.”

“Your Mum wanted to make a good impression? Honestly, Dad has had us scrubbing this place from top to bottom since we got home, anybody would think we had royalty visiting or something! Gosh, adults really do worry about the silliest things, don’t they?”

Both girls looked at each other seriously for a moment, and then burst into spontaneous laughter, the ice well and truly broken. Lucy stepped forward, and Ellie wrapped her arms around her in friendly hug. “Oh am I glad to finally meet you Lucy.”

“Yeah, me too Ellie. Wow, how crazy is this.”

Ellie led Lucy into the living room where she had been sitting listening to music, thinking it best that they didn’t head up to her room until their parents had finished helping Jack to get sorted. The pair made themselves comfortable on the sofa, chatting easily about not very much in particular and just generally filling each other in on the past decade or so of their lives. It was as if they’d always been friends, a strong connection which just seemed to ‘click’ when they met, and within a few minutes they really did feel as if they’d known each other for years. 

Upstairs, Graham had shown Lesley and Jack into the bathroom, and then leaving them alone for a few minutes he’d popped into the bedroom shared by his two boys. 

“Dad, was that Miss Daniels ringing the doorbell? Is she here, with Jack and Lucy?” Sam asked excitedly, keen to see his new friend again, even though they’d only been apart for a few hours. 

“Sam mate, what did I tell you? When you’re not in school, it’s Lesley not Miss Daniels. And yes, they’ve just got here. I’ll send Jack in to you…” For a moment Graham was a little stumped, he’d been about to say ‘when he’s got changed’ or something similar, but realised that this would lead to awkward questions and likely embarrass poor Jack. Thinking on his feet, he quickly fabricated something, hating lying to his kids but figuring this was better than the truth on this one occasion. “…when he’s got cleaned up. He had a fall and got a bit mucky on the way over, so he’s going to borrow some of your clothes if that’s ok?”

Sam readily agreed, remembering that both him and Ben had borrowed clothes from Jack and Tom the previous day, and their reasons for needing clean clothes had been FAR more embarrassing than falling over! Remembering the shame, both young boys blushed, not questioning their dad any further and returning to the game they were playing. 

Graham quickly rifled through their chest of drawers, conscious that his boys were a couple of sizes smaller in most clothes, and eventually deciding that a pair of pyjama bottoms may be the best bet as they were designed to be loose and baggy, so would probably fit Jack comfortably. After checking to make sure the lads weren’t looking, he also fished out a pair of boxer shorts from their underwear drawer.

Carrying his haul out onto the landing, and finding the bathroom for closed, Graham knocked gently and waited for Lesley, not wanting to burst in and cause any unnecessary embarrassment. The door was opened by Lesley, and as she did so he could hear the shower running. 

“Here love, take these for him. Most of even Sam’s stuff will probably be too small, but I figured PJ’s would be a safe bet, if he’s ok with that? I can throw his jeans in to wash if you like? Did you find everything you needed ok?”

“Oh Graham, thank you so much! He’s the one who wet himself after having plenty of opportunities to use the loo, so he can wear what he’s given and be grateful for it, or he can wear nothing at all! I’ve given him a squirt of your shower gel, hope you don’t mind? I thought that was better than the pink sparkly one – presumably Ellie’s?”

“No problem at all! Although I think you’ve got it mixed up – the black macho one is Ellie’s, mine’s the pink and sparkly”  he chucked, making Lesley smile for the first time since they’d arrived. “Here, pass me his wet things and I’ll go and chuck them in the wash.”

“No don’t worry, there’s no need. Assuming you don’t mind him going home in Sam’s PJ’s that is? We’ll bring them back, obviously, but he will be going to bed when we get in anyway, so I can wash his things later. You’ve done more than enough already. Thanks though, I really do appreciate it.”

Lesley called out to Jack that they’d left some clothes on the side for him, and to come down once he was dried and dressed, and then she left the bathroom with Graham and the couple made their way downstairs, anxious to see whether their girls had met yet, and, if so to find out how they were getting on.

Having sniffled and cried through his shower, feeling so ashamed of his accident, Jack turned the shower off as he heard the adults leaving, grateful for a few moments privacy to compose himself before going to find his friends, and hoping that they hadn’t found out what he had done. After rubbing himself dry with the towel, Jack found the clothes that had been left for him, and for a second he was confused. Why had his mum left him long pyjamas and short pyjamas? Then, holding them up, he realised that the ‘shorts’ were actually underwear, just like he’d seen the other boys wearing yesterday. They were different to the undies he usually wore, different to the ones he’d lent them yesterday, but he knew some of the other boys at school had some like this too. It felt strange pulling them on, everything felt a bit looser, and he couldn’t resist the urge to jiggle around a bit, enjoying the sensation. Maybe he’d ask his mum for some grown up pants like these, although he knew it was no good asking now, not when he’s just wet his pants like a baby. 

Leaving his wet clothes in a heap on the bathroom floor and dressed in the borrowed PJ bottoms, Jack let himself out of the bathroom and began heading down the stairs as his mum had instructed, hoping to get the anticipated lecture out of the way quickly so that he could go and play with Sam and Ben. Then, a horrible thought struck him, how would he explain to them why he was wearing a pair of their pj’s? He didn’t want them to know he’d had an accident, that would be mortifying, but what else could he say?

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