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Part 3 – Chapter 6

This time, Lucy didn’t just put a comforting arm around Ellie, she stood up and pulled the older girl up along with her before wrapping her in a tight hug.

“Oh El, you poor thing, of course I don’t hate you. And how could I think you were a baby after what you know happened to me this week? What a rotten day out you were having though!”

Wiping away the tears that she hadn’t been able to stop from falling, and conscious that she must look a snotty, blotchy mess by now, Ellie gave a watery, thankful smile as she went on. “ What did I do to deserve a friend like you Luce? Yeah you could say I’ve had better days! I just felt like such a baby, still do a bit if I’m honest. I mean I’m 14 for heaven’s sake, I shouldn’t be wetting myself like a toilet training toddler, not even once never mind twice! I mean, ok, an accident is an accident, I guess they happen to anyone and everyone sometimes, but not twice in an afternoon like that. I’m so sorry that I did it in your clothes…don’t worry I’ll completely understand if you don’t want them back, I’ll save up some of my pocket money to buy you new ones, promise.”

Chuckling, Lucy laughed as she shrugged her shoulders. “It’s a bit of wee Ellie, honestly, it’s no biggie. They’re clean now, besides it’s probably not the first time they’ve been wee’d in.” Then, realising what she had said and noticing Ellie’s eyes widening just as she knew her own had done a few moments earlier, she quickly stammered “…I mean, I…I’ve had them for aaaaages! I’m surprised the fit you actually, I had them when I was really little and used to have accidents and stuff. I don’t mean recently…”.

“Ok Luce, calm down, I’m hardly in a position to judge am I? Although I look forward to hearing you dig your way out of that one.” Now it was her turn to chuckle and share a wry smile with her friend, already knowing there was more to Lucy’s comment than her explanation. “Anyway, I made a mad dash to the loo once the movie had finished…the bloody things were only about 10 metres away at the back of the cinema, I must have missed them on the way in or I’d have snuck out and saved myself all of the shame and embarrassment. Typically there was a massive queue, lots of desperate kids bouncing around, if I’d still been bursting myself then I’d probably have been in trouble, but as it was there was no real rush – other than not wanting to keep the others waiting and having them wondering why I’d been so long, it was too late for me anyway – so I joined the back and let the little ones do their thing. I was right behind one family, a girl probably a couple of years younger than you and her little brother who was just about potty trained, and they were both in a bad way – the Mum made the girl let her mother go first, but in the end that made her have a bit of an accident herself, bless, she was devastated. I tried to help her feel a bit better, told her that accidents happen and let her feel my…well, your wet leggings, and she brightened up a bit.”

Unable to stop herself, Lucy gasped “Something a bit like that happened with a little one at school too!” Before realising she’d quite rudely cut across Ellie as she was taking, and excused herself with a quick “Sorry, I’ll tell you in a minute. But well done you”

“Without pausing, still trying to get it all out without her nerves getting the better of her, Ellie went on with recounting her memory. “There wasn’t much I could do other than wipe myself down and hope for the best, but eagle eyed Dad noticed straight away, and really embarrassingly so did your Mum, I could have cried. I did a bit actually, and had a real go at Dad too, then I felt bad because he was only trying to help – your Mum was amazing, and then Dad too came to the rescue, I was worried he was going to make us go home, or even worse make me wear that bloody awful nightie from the gift shop so everybody would laugh at me, but he covered for me by taking us all on a water ride so none of the kids found out. So, yeah, there you go, that’s all there is to tell really about the day I forgot I was 13 and pretended I was 3 again!”

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  1. mikeymike mikeymike

    Are we going to hear Lucy telling Ellie about her little accidents and about what happened at school too?

    As usual another great update and looking forward to seeing how the story proceeds.

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.10

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