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Part 3 – Chapter 7

“Bit of a rough day then, eh?” Lucy giggled in response, a little wide eyed at all that had gone on with her new friend. “I won’t lie, I’m kinda glad that at least some of that happened, because if it hadn’t then we’d never have met and wouldn’t be sat here chatting now, but blimey El you don’t do things by halves do you?”

Ellie tried to look serious and affronted, but Lucy caught her eye and in seconds they’d both dissolved into giggles once more, with Ellie barely managing to splutter an indignant “Whaddya mean you’re kinda glad it happened??”

Doing her best to look contrite, Lucy shrugged a little and winked. It was true, as bad as she felt for Ellie suffering such embarrassment, if none of it had happened then their paths would probably never have crossed. Thinking about it for a minute, she realised that neither would her Mum’s and Ellie’s Dad’s, so it seemed that a lot of good had come out of a couple of pairs of wet pants!

“Come on then, fill me in on what exactly happened last night? No, no, not the gory details, that’s just WRONG” Lucy mimed throwing up, a disgusted look across her face “but like how did your Dad and my Mum end up hitting it off? I feel like I’ve missed a pretty big event somehow.”

Thinking for a moment, Ellie nearly launched into the next chapter of events, quite enjoying the chance to tell her story and seeing Lucy’s reactions to what had unfolded, but then she stopped herself and shook her head. “Not yet, Luce, first it’s your turn. Come on, I’ve filled you in on my day and shared so much of my embarrassment with you, now I want to hear a bit more about you. When I was talking about the girl in the cinema toilets, you mentioned a little one from your school, what was that all about?”

Looking a little chided by the mild admonishment, Lucy coloured slightly as she mumbled “Sorry for interrupting you El, I know I promised I wouldn’t.” And, taking comfort from the reassuring smile the older girl gave her, she stumbled a little over her words, wondering just where to begin, how much to share and what on earth Ellie would think about her revelations. “W..well, erm, it’s kinda…”

“Come on Luce, you’re not getting out of it that easily! I’ve just bared my soul to you, spit it out will ya.”

Emboldened, Lucy continued “Sorry El, I will, I’m just not sure even where to begin with it all, or what you’re going to think of me by the end. Y’see you may have had a pretty rough day, but mines been the worst week of my life…but also the best, at the same time, in a way. Erm, ok, so you know about what happened to me at school don’tcha? Well…Oh Ellie, you need to PROMISE me that you’ll never, ever tell another soul what I’m about to tell you? Not a word, ever. Only one other person knows, and that’s my bestest friend ever, so I really am trusting you by telling you. Ok?”

Ellie nodded solemnly, suddenly transfixed on the younger girl who’d turned a ghostly white and was chewing at her lip. Without a further word, both extended their little fingers again, twisting around each others with a look of mutual understanding a respect.

“Well, I had that horrific accident in class…but, oh Ellie, it wasn’t really an accident.”

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This fictional work features children and has themes including wetting, Omorashi and toilet regression which may be considered to be adult in nature. The story does not include ANY sexual or erotic content.2

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